Clara Muffit

Age 18

From Chicago, IL


My name is clara muffitt, i am an 18 year old girl living in the wonderful city of chicago. Next year i am studying my two passions, fashion design with a minor in psychology at lousiana state university. I am interested in this topic because I truly think that clothes can change the way a person feels and sees the world, and I would love to help people live better lives by putting them in clothes that change their perspective. I had a friend who was feeling ugly, and down for a few weeks and I absolutely hated seeing her that way, so I wanted to do something to make her happy. I decided on a gift, and I made her this sexy, strapless cheetah print dress. It fit her perfectly, and the moment the put it on her face lit up and I knew I had done a good job. She told me later that I had made her day, night, and week, because I gave her something that made her feel pretty. I’ve always known that I can change my own mood based on the clothes that I wear, but once I realized that I could change someone else’s attitude with one of my designs, I knew that I had to be a fashion designer. If I had my dream job, I would be drowning in the closet of a fashion magazine, imagining and putting together endless combinations for a photo shoot. However, I know it’s nearly impossible to have your pick and choose of careers at the beginning, and I am open to other opportunities. Honestly, I would be absolutely giddy about any job where I get to work with clothes, talk about them, style them, or make them.

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