Ellie Felderman

I come from


I come from underestimation.

I come from proving you wrong.

I come from a significant amount of corn appreciation,

from people asking, “Cleveland, Tennessee?”

like anybody’s ever heard of Cleveland, Tennessee.

I come from more people being at the Cavs parade than Trumps inauguration,

from never letting go of the fact that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the finals

because nobody will notice that we exist if we don’t constantly remind them that we’re still here.

and like Margot said— I’m a vegetarian, I don’t like beef—

but boy do I have some beef with Steph Curry.

I come from learning how to laugh at yourself.

We were 1 game away from having a Browns parade

and by that, I mean we almost had a parade for winning no games at all.

I come from pride.

I come from people who didn’t want to be happy with the fact that the Pride parade was cancelled because it might have created upset with the Republican convention in town,

so we made one ourselves.

I come from a place that doesn’t have grits

but we’ve proved over and over again that we actually have a lot.

I come from being raised to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

I come from perseverance.

I come from 80% poverty but 100% resilience.

In Cleveland, you don’t have to listen very hard to tell that the ground doesn’t crunch when you walk,

because I come from a city of no broken dreams.

The only crunching we do in Cleveland is on that sweet Ohio corn.

I come from everybody wanting to get as far away as possible for college,

but after spending a few years away,

they always find their way back home.

I come from growing up thinking that three sort of tall buildings defined the word “city”,

from my mind being blown the first time I saw New York.

I come from thick, chunky, soggy snow

from anti-lock brakes being your best friend

from school only being cancelled if it’s -15° without wind chill.

I come from spicy meaning pepper.

I come from a year and a half of campaigns, commercials, political tours when it’s election season

from waiting patiently to see them to call which way Ohio will swing.

I come from 60 days of sunshine a year.

I come from burning rivers. I come from nobody being more proud of anything than Clevelanders are of Cleveland.

I come from overcoming. I come from love. I come from hope.


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