Melissa Rothschild

Summer of 2017 was the best summer of my life. Hi, I’m Melissa, I’m 13 and in the 7th grade. In the summer, my grandparents own a house in chautauqua, New York. I know what you’re thinking. Where is it? Look it up. Let me answer your questions before I start. No, it’s not a sleepaway camp. No, it’s not in New York City. It’s a small town, about 2 miles long. But it’s better than that. I can’t describe it. It’s unique, it’s quiet, its friendly, it’s my happy place.

There’s something about waking up to the bright sun in my eyes and the itchiness of my pillow that gets me. It’s the way the light hits my eyes that actually makes me want to wake up in the morning. Something about the humble, old smell, makes me feel more at home than I’ve ever been before, It’s when I walk downstairs to my loving grandparents. The way they make those french toast sticks, it’s amazing.

I would get on my bike and ride to boys and girls club every day, as the bell tower is ringing, only reminding me that I’m even more late to club. My friends meet me there Jackson, Marshall, Bella, and Susie. John is usually late because he brings everybody breakfast bars.

The day goes by so fast, like usual and all my friends get lunch together at the red brick walk. The day keeps going by faster and faster until I’m home and Im freshened up for dinner with my whole family. Then, at night, I meet with my friends again, my best frinds. That happens everyday for 6 weeks.

Oh Chautauqua, how I love you.

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