Lillian Goodale

Age 18

From Tampa, Florida

When I get asked to talk about myself and the topic I love the most, female empowerment, I begin to think of all the women who have inspired me to be the person I am today.


Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Lillian Goodale. I am a female entrepreneur who has always been interested in being in a career of fashion. I began my journey at the age of 16, running a company called Beaded Hippie. Beaded Hippie is jewelry/clothing company designed to empower and inspire men and women to spread positivity and self-love through their appearance. Over the course of these two years, I have faced obstacles and challenges that have made me question what I was doing at the age of 16 running a company that is in stores in the elite, upscale area of my city. It was those moments that I looked back at the people who inspired me.


My grandmother, who passed away in 2014, is my main inspiration. Her attention to detail and courage to persevere through any obstacle is a main force in my personality today. Maria Garcia is a Cuban refugee who fled Havana with the love of her life, my grandfather, at the age of 18 along with nothing to her name. But when I asked her if she ever regretted it, she simply replied “I never thought I would run away with a man, that is until I met your grandfather. We were young and in love, forbidden to be together in Havana so we had to make a choice. But I have never been more scared and full of courage than that moment I left.” My grandparents grew to get married, have four kids, three grandchildren, a house, beach house, and a family who absolutely adores them. My grandmother’s personality is definitely shown throughout my pieces. When she had passed, I used this company to get back in touch with her, Make Love Not War tee is designed for my grandparents. Their decision to run towards love and away from hate is what inspires and what really makes this tee come alive. I have many beaded jewelry collections dedicated to my grandmother as well. The other beautiful woman that inspires me is my mom. Maritza Garcia Goodale, is a hard-working, always hustling, loving, caring, sacrificing woman. She has taught me to love endlessly, that sacrifices are easy to make for the people you love and the things you want, and that working hard will always lead you to a giving result. My girl power tee is a recreation of my mom and I combined to resemble the strong and empowered woman she has made me. Her devotion and love never goes unnoticed and she is the definition of female empowerment.


Now, I have taken a break from Beaded Hippie to begin my blog, The OverCaffeinated Girl Boss. The OverCaffeinated Girl Boss is a lifestyle and fashion blog designed to dive into my life as a girl boss, current trends I love whether that be beauty or fashion, and inspire you to become your own OverCaffeinated Girl Boss. I have been doing my blog for about 7 months now and have reached 1,000 + followers a month. I have also been able to meet incredible woman who are bloggers and girl bosses as well. Beaded Hippie and The OverCaffeinated Girl Boss has allowed me to create and do things that I would have never been able to do. So if you are looking for inspiration or courage to get up there and make yourself a girl boss, all I have to say is get up and do it. Don’t think about it, don’t ponder the idea, or ask friends if you should because at the end of the day the only boss, girl boss, you report to is yourself. Thank you for reading about me and to Lily for letting me be a part of this amazing collaboration. I hope I or the amazing who inspired me was able to give some inspiration into you career. Please keep in touch and reach out, I am always here to support fellow girl bosses.

Love Always,

Lilllian Goodale

The Overcaffinated Girl Boss

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