Molly Gleydura

Around a million people from different walks of life came together on a chilly January weekend in Washington DC to stand up for women’s rights and protest against sexism, racism, misogyny, Islamophobia, homophobia, xenophobia, and other forms of bigotry. Throughout the election season, our new President Donald Trump made comments that provoked fear in the minds of minority and majority groups alike. Today, women make up the … Continue reading Molly Gleydura

Daria Goldenburg

SHE I never noticed how fast someone could change their whole facial expression but SHE managed to do it in a matter of seconds. When they approached her, SHE suddenly started smiling but her smile never reached her eyes, her hazel eyes. Empty words started flowing: “I’m okay” “Everything is great” “No, there’s nothing wrong“ They believed her and no one noticed how SHE was … Continue reading Daria Goldenburg

Audrey Pakravan

Growing up and being a teenager can be challenging, a constant struggle of trying to fit in, figure out who you really are, identifying your interests, while trying to be well-liked without sacrificing your values. In the midst of all the chaos of being a teenager, life decided to throw me an unexpected battle…leukemia. “Audrey, you have leukemia” is all I could hear while every … Continue reading Audrey Pakravan