About Me

The story of Girls Linked Through Ink International started with my curiosity in what makes each and every one of us different and why those differences aren’t celebrated today’s society. I have always been inspired by different styles, dialects, educations, and sooner or later I realized that these differences create the millions of variations of cultures, counties, and government policies that allow us to challenge ourselves and think differently. I constantly questioned why the world doesn’t recognize the subtle differences that each of us possess.

I, like every other teenage girl in the world am hungry to travel to far places and see breathtaking sites. After having the opportunity to travel to India (a my dream come true) with other girls who I looked up to in my high school the spring of my sophomore year I realized how profound an impact the girls I met there had on me. When I came back to American I tried to explain myself and the empowerment I felt but simply couldn’t. Not only did I learn more about the world but I learned more about myself.

Girls Linked Through Ink was born when I decided that every girl should have the accessibility to learn about themselves through learning about others near and far. I want girls to push themselves out of their comfort zone to find their identity and express themselves authentically to others. Please Allow this website and the girls who engage with it to guide you on a new path of self-discovery. I want all of us to take advantage of the secret passions and points of inspiration in all of our lives, share them with others, and learn about ourselves because of them all together as a global community. Girls Linked Through Ink is meant for girls to teach each other and have dialogue about who they are, experiences that have changed them, challenges they have overcame, their own culture, heritage, family, and be proud of it all!

So girls, believe in yourself and who you are and share it with others because you will never know who you influence around the world, but I will assure you that you have the power to!

Keep writing, exploring, learning, and challenging yourself.

        ~ Lilly Rothschild

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