Our Goal

Girls Linked Through Ink International was created by girls for girls. At Girls Linked Through Ink we believe in the potential that every girl has to inspire one another whether next door or across an ocean. To learn about world cultures, it is most important to understand the people first. We believe that every girl or young women has their own unique story no matter where they live that is worth sharing with others.

The point is, you know who and in what country someone is inspired by the most simple story or experience. We are confident that every girl in the world has a reason to celebrate their differences and still search for similarities with others no matter their origin. has Creating relationships overseas does not require a plane ticket, it requires an platform where every girl is free to express themselves in their purest form. Girls Linked Through Ink International has set up a safe space online where girls can feel free to share who they are with the world and we are breaking boundaries because of it. We believe that if girls are more willing to express themselves they can make a huge impact on others around the world without even knowing it. This element of risk and pride in the girl you are is fostered by this blossoming online community of girls who are willing not only to share their challenges, culture, family, and wonderings but are ready and excited to learn from others.

Girls Linked Through Ink International is built based on the constant stream of inspiration from young women and girls all around the world that goes unnoticed. We think that girls should always have the opportunity to put themselves out into the world with pride in their unique identity no matter what that comes from. Stories and experiences should be shared without hesitance because there is no way to possibly know the depth or relatability someone’s writing can truly have unless girls are willing to share.

While the main goal of Girls Linked Through Ink International is to share girls and young women’s identity in hopes of someone else, no matter how near or far, takes to heart their challenges, lessons, and courage to take pride in who they are. Every girl has a unique perspective that has the potential to unleash a new layer of understanding for another young woman in another country. We firmly believe that whether you are ready to release you deepest curiosities, or simply introduce themselves, and your current state of mind it is worth it and valued across the globe!

The world is wide and full of girls who are waiting for their chance to share their passions and challenges or waiting for someone to understand their situation.